Thursday, February 6, 2014

Im still alive :P

hey its already February!, im still alive even i rarely write a post since I have Hasta La Vista :D. well, it takes so much of my time but i really enjoy with it. something the situation is getting so hard but God always gives his help, oh my its a new beginning again of my life. from a indie listener, being a blogger, and now im a bag maker!. 

I met so much inspiring crafter people during this early year, they give me lots of positive energy to build my HLV. and I hope I will meet lots of awesome people this year, have so many cool experiences, and HOLIDAY! (meh do I make my resolution again or what? :D)
And I think I need to recovery this blog again. something I think what kind of blog that I want to have,  its such a absurb place and changes randomly :D, but I hope you enjoy it :P

ow by the way i was featured on Tobucil web, HERE to read the article. ah yay such a good news on my birthday last January :D

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